Tax Tips

We provide an annual checklist (see below) and newsletter to communicate any changes to the tax laws.


When you come to the office for your appointment, please review this

"Don't Forget To Bring" list.

This will get you started.  We will take it from here.


  1. W-2’s, dividend 1099’s, interest 1099’s, including tax exempt interest.
  2. Total social security benefits received for the year, if applicable.  
  3. Any other income:  K-1’s from partnerships, unemployment, alimony, state tax refunds, self-employed income, gambling winnings and losses, etc.
  4. All retirement distributions (IRA or pension) received and the amounts rolled over to other IRAs or plans.
  5. Contributions to traditional and Roth IRA’s for the 2013 year.  Also student loan interest paid for the year.
  6. Real estate taxes and interest on mortgage of personal residence or 2nd homes.  
  7. Non-reimbursed medical expenses including medical premiums, long-term care premiums, hospitals, doctors, dentists, therapists, chiropractors, prescription drugs, hearing aids and medical mileage.  
  8. Charitable contributions including non-cash contributions and mileage for volunteer work.  
  9. Miscellaneous deductions: union dues, last year's tax preparation fee, tax consultation fees, safe deposit box, investment expenses, job hunting costs, etc.
  10. Margin interest expense from brokerage accounts.
  11. All completed security transactions for securities sold during 2013, including date bought and sold, purchase price and selling price.
  12. Un-reimbursed business expenses incl. auto use, date put into service, total business and personal mileage, average commuting mileage, how many cars available and the cost of the auto.  Also include professional licenses, business supplies, dues, publications, gifts, cellular phone, internet service, meals & entertainment, travel and uniforms.  We can get creative together.
  13. Rental income and expenses.
  14. Theft and casualty losses if over 10% of your adjusted gross income.
  15. Estimated federal, state taxes and sales tax on special items paid for 2013.
  16. Prior year estimates or other payments for State/City income taxes paid in 2013.
  17. The name(s) of dependent children, and any other dependents to be claimed, and their social security number and date of birth.  
  18. Names and ID numbers of all child care providers and amount paid if claiming the child care credit.  
  19. Please provide the breakdown, by individual, of all post-secondary educational expenses. 
  20. If you work out of your home, be prepared with the square footage of your office compared to the total square footage of your home.  Include all costs incurred to maintain your home including utilities, telephone, etc. (other option is the simplified method).

  21. If you purchased or sold a home during 2013, please bring the HUD statement with you.  There are numerous expenses to deduct.

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